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Third Wheel: Issue 3, Part 4

If you wandered in here from the new project I started on Tik Tok and Instagram this is a really bad place to start. You can browse all of my Reckless Life commentaries here on Quixotronic or cruise through the archive on WebToons.

You've been warned!

Issue 3, page 15

Here's a cool action page with our action leads doing action things. I'm not sure I'd trust an office chair to shield my head from a spray of bullets but it's the CEO's chair so it's really nice, I guess?

It doesn't happen often but this page is a reminder that while Locke may carry a non-lethal gun he's not above shooting guys with regular bullets when it's a "you or me" situation. Plus it's more dramatic when it runs out...

Issue 3, page 16

I'm with Daniels, have these two lost their minds? You're in the middle of a losing odds gunfight and you turn on each other? (Cool shot of Paige pointing a gun though.) And is often the case, you get shot in the shoulder for being the only adult in the room.

Issue 3, pages 17 and 18

This two-page sequence is a rare miss for 2005 Tim and it's kind of a bad place to drop the ball. What's supposed to be happening here is the bad guy is being shuffled off to a safe room and Daniels chooses to cover and save Locke who is too distracted by Paige trying to kill him to notice the bad guys trying to kill him. Daniels chooses to backup Locke rather than take out the guy trying to kill him and that's kind of a big moment for him. Too bad it's a little obscured by off-camera (or partly off-camera) bad guys and Locke and Paige in white silhouette which I can all but guarantee was less a design choice and more a "these poses are working so let's abstract them" move. I got away with that a lot in this book but here I wish I'd spent more time making sure this moment sparkled and was crystal clear.

No one's perfect, I guess.

NEXT TIME: This story isn't over yet!

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