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Third Wheel: Issue 3, Part 2

Shoot 'em up!

Issue 3, page 5

Here are a couple of nice little action shots of Locke. You can really see in the close-up n panel two that while Daniels has taken on more of an anime bad guy over the course of the series Locke looks a bit more youthful and innocent when we get close on him. I’m not sure 2005 Tim did that consciously but it works with the direction the character ended up going in.

Daniels coming out of the shadows is a nice callback to issue one though things are a touch tenser here in issue three. Not so tense tough that these two can accidentally shoot at each other and it’s no big deal.

I’m not sure what’s up with all the circular lighting on this page but once again I don’t care. It looks cool.

Issue 3, page 6

As far as talking heads go this page isn’t too bad. The reflected panels of Daniels and Locke are cool though it appears that Locke has suddenly come down with a case of Popeye mouth. I do like that anime trope of the side-mouth but it doesn’t really work here.

The last panel not only looks nice but it says a lot about where these characters are at. Daniels is undeterred and walking straight toward the camera whereas Locke is super-paranoid and all over the board.

Issue 3, page 7

Man, 2005 Tim is really getting some miles out of that silenced uzi that was clearly drawn in illustrator. At least it doesn’t look totally two-dimensional here.

Is that genuine panic on Daniels’ face in panel four? Things are starting to spiral out of control now and he now has to deal with the actual danger and the existential dread of he may not, in fact, have a plan for everything. (And Locke is not helping.)

This comes out in panel 5, one of my favorites in all of Reckless Life. Yeah, these guys are trying to kill him back but Daniels is definitely unleashing some frustration here.

Issue 3, page 8

Here’s an unbalanced page for you. Panel one SUCKS and you can tell 2005 Tim was not interested in drawing random guards. I wish I would have gone full Las Vegas Ninjas and found some way to make them look all the same like the guards in Incredibles or something.

On the flip side panel 4 RULES and is ALSO one of my favorite panels in the whole series. (Sorry, this is the best part of Reckless Life, right here.) Also, Locke says what I hope we’re all thinking:

WTF kind of phrama lab is this that it’s full of armed guards? HMMMMMM…

Issue 3, page 9

Aw shit, this page rules too. I’m sorry. It’s true. That panel of Locke shooting is just awesome and I love the way panel one picks up RIGHT from panel four on the previous page like the camera panned out.

The guards look generic AGAIN but whatever, I’m just letting that go at this point.


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