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Third Wheel: Issue 3, Part 3

Daniels' plan revealed!


Issue 3, pages 10 and 11

I hope you remember what Daniels told Locke they were stealing and why because guess what, he was lying! Yes, the guy that Daniels shot in the cold open is actually what this is all about. Daniels is on a "kill you before you kill me" mission and he just needed Locke and Paige to help him break-in. I personally believe Daniels when he says he would have paid Locke and Paige out anyways but I guess we'll never know.

I'm also fairly certain that our bad guy was serious when he said he'd let Locke go but despite all the back-stabbing and ex-girlfriend sleeping with Locke decides to stick with Daniels. Or maybe he really doesn't trust this guy to not shoot him in the back. That I'm not sure of.

I can tell this comic was written by a younger Tim who wasn't quite as cynical about big business as I am now. If I were writing this now Locke wouldn't find a murderous pharma company suspicious in the least and in fact he'd likely assume all drug companies have an army of hitmen patrolling the halls.

Issue 3, Page 12

Here we go with the big act three action piece! It's on now! I'm not sure what's more ridiculous here; Paige being shocked that she's being double-crossed yet another time or the fact that Locke and Daniels are able to avoid getting shot by no less than seven guys holding them at gunpoint just by ducking. Good thing they're action heroes!

Issue 3, Page 13 and 14

The panel of Daniels catching the gun kinda sucks but things are looking good from there. I think the shot of Daniels shooting that immediately follows and Paige jumping the desk are both cool and good on 2005 Tim for finding a way to quickly get Paige back on team Locke and Daniels.

Speaking of, I like how Locke and Paige start the next page apart and end it with a kick-ass shot of them shooting bad guys back-to-back. That's an iconic RL shot if ever there was one. We also have Daniels shooting with a red stripe in the background because it looks cool and drawing office backgrounds is boring.

NEXT TIME: More of RL's biggest action sequence and MORE twists!

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