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Third Wheel: Issue 3, Part 1

What a twist!


Issue 3, page 1

Hey, it's ALMOST a splash page. I don't do that often so this must be a big moment.

Paige looks pretty great here and you can tell 2005 Tim was more interested in drawing her than the security guards. You can see 2005 Tim stealing from Las Vegas Ninjas Tim with those guys. Having the nameless goons be mostly silhouettes saves the artist a LOT of time and also looks cool.

Speaking of looking cool, 2005 Tim is now just throwing in abstract backgrounds whenever he feels like it and I love it. Making cool designs is way more fun than drawing scenery and there's going to be a LOT more of that in my upcoming work.

The guns don't look bad either but they are very clearly done in illustrator whereas the characters are hand-drawn and that bugs me. I got better at blending the hand and computer drawn stuff eventually but apparently, there's still work to do at this point.

Issue 3, page 2

Amid the nonsense "the author has seen a lot of action moves" dialogue here is a great bit where both heroes cock their guns but Locke looks absolutely nonplussed about it. "Yeah, yeah, we have to do an action sequence now because you guys didn't listen to me."

Issue 3, pages 3 and 4

I'm not in love with the character design on this "boss" guy. He's incredibly generic and not rendered very well on these pages but I do like Paige immediately trying to wheel and deal her way out of a shitty situation.

Paige seems to bouncing around model on these pages more than she has. My guess is the weather is getting nicer somewhere in 2005 and that Tim wants to go drink some beers outside. I understand.

Either way: HERE'S A TWIST!

Daniels the guy who's all about being a professional straight-shooter clearly has some other agenda that we don't know about. This whole time when we thought Paige was going to pull the double-cross maybe it's not that simple! Oh 2005 Tim, you tricky minx!

NEXT TIME: We have to do an action sequence now.

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