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Third Wheel: Issue 2, Part 4



Issue 2, page 16

Does the world need another "the protagonists get ready" scene? No. Probably not. They're cool though. So cool that even though I just did one here another one. At least I kept it to one page and resisted the urge to draw Paige half-naked. (Which is a surprisingly mature choice for 2005 Tim.)

That last panel is cool though. I like the reverse zipatone gradient pattern.

Issue 2, page 17

A building so nice I didn't want to draw it twice! Not a bad vehicle for someone who STILL hates drawing vehicles* too.

*We'll see if that changes as my next piece is a road story complete with semi-trucks and muscle cars.

Oh and by the way, here's your reminder that Daniels, while a badass is not a very nice person. He definitely just murdered an innocent person. This scene was in the script but I gave it a big splash panel because Daniels was getting really popular Reckless Life fans at this point and I felt it was a good time to remind people that he's a pretty bad dude.

The result is the coolest looking drawing of Daniels in the entire series.

Issue 2, page 18

I love the way Locke and Paige are looking at each other in panel two. That shot could be right off of a rom-com poster.

I also love Paige's pensive look in panel 6. What's she thinking about?

She's in kind of a weird pose in panel 8 but the silhouette of Locke posing up a storm behind her has him feeling more like an anime character than ever.

Issue 2, pages 19 and 20

Oh, baby! Keep those montages coming! Locke and Paige are looking great doing thief things, Daniels is taking guys out there's great use of red and this is just Reckless Life being its best self.

Hm. And is Locke having just a little bit of fun with Paige again in that grappling down an elevator shaft panel? Maybe elevator shafts are just "their place." It's certainly an intentional callback on my part. (One of a few in this scene.)

Issue 2, pages 21 and 22

Here we go. Locke and Paige are right back at the "I don't trust you" part of the heist. (The handy flashback panel in the upper right of page 21 is there to remind you of Locke's issue with the job. Again, these pages were posted one at a time, three times a week so that scene would have been weeks ago for the regular RL reader.)

Locke and Paige hit their familiar notes but luckily Daniels is there to act like the dad and mitigate the issue BUT OOPS there's a random guard. Just enough time for Paige to say "EF IT" and ignore Locke.

Issue 2, page 23

Now, this is a callback!

I love Locke's lines: "told ya" and "now what?" He's not even upset because he knew this was going to happen. He's also serving as the voice of the narrator in a way because this is the last page of issue two. (Even though I never bothered to release this as individual issues anyway.)

It's a fun way to punctuate the cliffhanger either way.

NEXT TIME: "Now what?" indeed.

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